HOA Assessments


Homeowners in Oakbridge belong to two homeowner's associations - The Oakbridge HOA and the Sawgrass Players Club Association (SPCA). There are separate assessments for each association.

Oakbridge Assessments

  • Oakbridge assessments are currently $260.00 per unit paid semi-annually.
  • Invoices are mailed to the address of record for each homeowner prior to the due dates of January 1 and July 1.
  •  It is the homeowner's responsibility to provide changes in mailing address to the property management company.

SPCA Assessments

  • SPCA assessments are also paid semi-annually and are due January 1 and July 1.
  •  For more information on SPCA assessments, go to the Sawgrass Players Club website at sawgrassplayersclub.org.

Please be aware assessment amounts are subject to change.


Please contact Oakbridge property manager Noelle Parker at 273-9832, ext. 131 or nparker@maymgt.com for additional information.