Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are the operating rules of the HOA. Their purpose is to interpret, clarify and assist in the administration of the Declaration of Covenants. They essentially clarify the Covenants for our community, but cannot be more restrictive than any governing documents nor can they contradict anything in the documents.

Basically, the Rules and Regulations (and Covenants) are the rules of our neighborhood. They govern what you can, can't, or must do with respect to your home.

The current approved and recorded Rules and Regulations document can be found at the bottom of this page.

Listed below are summaries of items defined in the Rules and Regulations and/or Declaration of Covenants. This list is not all inclusive or comprehensive; it is merely a summary.

Please see the actual documents for comprehensive and complete rule definition and details.

All pets (domestic animals) must be kept under the direct control of their owner at all times and leashed when upon the Property (unless in a fenced yard or contained by an invisible fence).

No animal may be housed or kept in cages of any type outside of a residence (i.e., hen houses, rabbit hutches) at any time. Animals may be kept solely as pets and not for purposes of breeding or other commercial or business purposes.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up pet droppings. If, in the opinion of the Association, any pet shall be deemed a nuisance to other residents, destructive of property, dangerous to persons or animals, or an annoyance or nuisance to other Owners, such pet may be barred from the Property.

The Association reserves the right to limit the number and type of pets that may be kept on any Lot.

Prior approval of the ARB and ACC is required before you make any change to the exterior of your home or property, including (but not limited to), painting, additions, tree removal/landscape changes, fences, pools, decks, roofs, windows, driveways, etc.

Owners must submit the required ARB/ACC application even when making like-for-like changes, including (but not limited to) roof replacement with the same existing type and color shingles.

You should always consult the ARB and the ACC to determine if you need approval and if there are architectural guidelines or standards which apply to the improvement you wish to make.

See Exterior Remodeling and Reconstruction for additional information.

Boating is permitted during daylight hours. However, no gasoline or diesel-powered boats or vessels are allowed.

Boating is at your own risk. Host should accompany their guest while using the waterways.

Residents and their guests are free to fish from boats, common area banks or private property with the permission of the owner.

No docks, bulkheads, moorings, pilings or any other construction are allowed to be erected on or over waterways without the prior written approval of the Association and/or ARB.

No portion of the Property shall be increased in size by filling in the waters on which it abuts.

The use of construction dumpsters, dumpster bags, PODs-style moving containers, portable toilets and the like must be registered with the Association prior to installation.

  • These items are not allowed to be placed on Association roads, except when used in conjunction with driveway resurface/pavers projects. In those instances, the preferred location is on the Owner’s yard if possible. If it must be placed in the road, it must have a minimum ¾” boards/plywood at all points where the item contacts the road surface.
  • The site around the item must remain clean and free of all debris.
  • The Owner is responsible to ensure the transport or placement of the item does not damage Association property.

The Oakbridge construction and other service work hours are the same as those defined for Sawgrass Players Club.

Note: Please verify with Sawgrass Players Club property management that the information listed below is still accurate.

  • Mondays through Fridays - 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Mondays through Fridays - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (during Daylight Savings)
  • Saturday - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday – no work is permitted
  • Major Holidays – no work is permitted
  • THE PLAYERS Championship week – hours are restricted


No changes in elevation of property shall be made which will cause an undue hardship to any adjoining property or which in any way affects the drainage system.

No portion of the Property should be used as a drying or hanging area for laundry of any kind, it being the intention hereof that all such facilities shall be provided within the buildings to be constructed on the Property. See Florida Statute § 163.04 for possible limitations on this restriction.

To maintain their beauty, no grass clippings, yard trash, garbage, construction materials, soil or other silt causative, toxic chemicals, excess fertilizer, excess pesticides or any other materials foreign to fresh water are to be dumped or placed in the waterways or street drains that lead into the waterways.

Any wall, fence, paving, planting or other improvement placed upon an easement affecting the property by the owner or previous owner of the property on which the easement lies, shall be removed, if required, by the Association at the expense of the owner.

Owners are responsible for the exterior maintenance of their Property, which includes, but is not limited to, painting, repairs, replacing or repairing roofs, gutters, downspouts, exterior building surfaces, trees, shrubs, grass, and walks.

  • Architectural design shall be in harmony with current homes within Oakbridge.
  • No more than 2 stories. First floor must have at least 1000 square feet liveable space unless there is a second story in which case first floor must have at least 800 square feet liveable space.
  • Building setbacks (from wall to property line): 20 feet from front and rear; 9 feet from each side.
  • No permanent structures can be placed in any easements, on utilities, or on drainage pipes, etc.
  • Maximum lot coverage by buildings (includes porches, garage, decks, pools, lanais) not to exceed 35% of buildable property square footage.
  • Maximum height not to exceed 35 feet as measured from the peak of the roof to the lowest grade (ground).
  • Impervious surface areas (ISA) cannot exceed 65% of buildable square footage. ISA includes any building, concrete, pools, wet retention/detention areas, pavement, or compact materials used for parking.
  • ACC/ARB - Apply for and receive appropriate ACC and ARB approval.
  • Documenting Evidence - Digital photos will be forwarded to Oakbridge ARB of current state of nearby homes and yards on all sides of property, cul-de-sacs, roadways, curbs, waterways/canals, and easements. Homeowner is responsible to replace any damage caused to nearby homes, yards, cul-de-sacs, roadways, curbs, waterways/canals, and easements; repairs must restore damaged property to original state or better.
  • Traffic Issues - Create and implement a plan to include large trucks entering streets and directing traffic, ease of other residents getting into and out of homes, and parking of construction workers vehicles
  • Construction Materials Storage and Parking - Vehicles cannot be parked impeding traffic. Vehicles cannot be parked on yards, on sidewalks, or common area, which includes islands in cul-de-sacs. Port-o-let must be placed on construction property in the least obtrusive location to nearby residents and properly maintained. Construction material storage must be on construction site, not on nearby Oakbridge homes or Oakbridge property.
  • Construction Debris - During any construction, lot must be maintained in a clean condition providing for trash and rubbish receptacles and disposal.
  • Drainage - Create and implement a plan to address all issues of drainage on homesite as well as surrounding properties. Provide lot grading plan. Homeowner may be limited in amount of dirt/landfill brought on property. Plan must be submitted to ARB and ACC with initial application
  • Safety – Homeowner’s contractor is responsible to maintain safe construction zone.
  • Trees - Maintain as many trees as possible. No tree can be removed without prior ARB approval.
  • Hours of Operation – Strictly adhere to Oakbridge hours for construction workers and vendors. See Construction/Workers' Hours for details.


  • Fences serve the purpose to contain children or pets in the yard and to keep individuals off property in order to prevent pool accidents. When privacy is desired, landscaping shall be the preferred means of accomplishing this.  If coverage of outside equipment is necessary, landscaping is also recommended.
  • Prior to starting construction of all structures pertaining to a home, including fences, plans for the construction must be submitted to the ARB for approval. Fencing requests on a golf course lot must also be submitted to the ACC for review and approval.  All submissions must include a landscaping plan, designed to enhance or hide the appearance of the proposed fence, a site plan showing the proposed fence and details including all nearby structures both on and off the homeowners property. Fences shall not block the line of sight of golf course or water views for the homeowner or neighbors.
  • Invisible fencing may be used to keep unleased animals within a homeowner’s property despite the covenants requiring animals outside a home to be leashed.
  • In few select circumstances, fences may be approved by the ARB. Fences built without obtaining written approval of the ARB are subject to removal at the owner’s expense.  A fine may also be levied for failure to observe the covenants.
  • Application for any variance to these rules MUST be approved by the Oakbridge Homeowners Association (OBHOA) before work begins on installation and/or replacement of a fence.

Interior Lots - Without Pools

  • Landscaping should be used to provide privacy where desired.
  • When fencing is proposed, the following criteria will apply:
    1. The fence shall be constructed of wood fencing in a natural color to a maximum height of 6 feet or it shall be constructed of black aluminum or wrought iron to a maximum height of 6 feet.
    2. Fences may not extend toward the street beyond the rear of the house without ARB approval.

Interior Lots - With Pools

  • All requirements of Interior Lots - Without Pools shall apply
  • Johns County ordinances are to be followed when fencing an outdoor pool or spa.

Waterfront Lots - Without Pools

  • Fences will not be permitted on waterfront lots except between homes and are subject to approval by the ARB.
  • All pertinent requirements of Interior Lots - Without Pools will apply.

Waterfront Lots With Pools

  • Screen enclosures are the preferred method of security for pools on waterfront lots.
  • All pertinent requirements of Interior Lots - Without Pools will apply.

Oakbridge Perimeter Properties

  • Maintenance of the fence on the perimeter of the community which abuts non-Sawgrass Players Club property is the responsibility of the homeowner on whose property the fence exists. It is the homeowner’s choice whether or not to have a perimeter fence on their property.


  • Fence maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • An existing fence may be repaired, using the same fencing type, only if the cumulative measurement of replacement is 50% or less of the entire fence. If the repair requires replacement of more than 50% of the existing fencing, then ARB approval is required.
  • All fences must be kept free of mildew and algae and cleaned on a regular basis. Homeowners will be cited for covenant violation if the fence is not kept clean.

Fencing for Garbage and Recycling Cans

  • This section defines the acceptable means to mask garbage, yard waste and recycle cans (Cans) for neighbors and from view from the street.
  • Wood Fencing: Fences of this nature shall be no higher than 4 ½ feet tall.  No wooden fence shall be installed unless bushes are also installed to hide the fencing from the street and neighbors.  Landscaping bushes shall be of a nature that they would reach a height to obscure the wooden fence within one year of planting.
  • Metal Fences: Metal fences shall be no more than 4 ½ feet in height.  Landscaping may be placed inside or outside the fence line.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping may be used to obscure Cans.
  • Any of the methods used above shall start from the side of the house and turn 90 degrees to make an L shaped structure to enclose the Cans.

Car ports are strictly prohibited. For aesthetic and security reasons, garage doors should be kept closed except when in use.

Garbage, landscape debris and recycling are to be placed at curbside no earlier than the evening before collection. They must be retrieved no later than the night of pick up.

All garbage or trash containers when not out for pick up must be placed in areas so that they are not visible from adjoining Lots or the streets. Consult item Fences for guidelines and standards which apply to fencing for garbage and recycling container storage.

Holiday decorations are allowed during major U.S. holidays. Displays must be removed within 2 weeks after each holiday.

Owners of property that borders on a waterway are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the banks down to the water level. This means trees, shrubs, grass shall be trimmed back so that no limbs hang in the water.

Two styles of mailboxes are permitted. Dimensions are indicated in the diagram below. Clearly marked and unobstructed house numbers must be present on the mailbox or post. The homeowner is responsible for mailbox maintenance and/or replacement.

    • Metal Post: Mailboxes shall be black in color mounted on a 4” x 4” square or 4" diameter cylindrical black metal post.
    • Wood Post: Mailboxes shall be black in color mounted on a 4" x 4" unpainted or painted black pressure treated wooden post.


The default mailing address for all required Association notices is the Oakbridge property address. The Owner must provide written notice to the Association requesting that a different mailing address is to be used for all notices by submitting the Oakbridge Change of Address Form by mail or email to the Property Management Company. Any subsequent changes to mailing address must be made in the same manner. The form can be obtained from the Property Management Company or here.

Nothing shall be done on any portion of the property which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the property homeowner or adjacent properties. In the event of any question as to what may be or may become a nuisance, such questions shall be submitted to the Association for a decision in writing.

No outbuilding, playhouse, doghouse, deck, platform, dock or other structure separate from the residence shall be permitted without prior written approval of the ARB and the ACC.

Play structures (swimming pools, swing sets, basketball backboards, and skateboard ramps) must have ARB written approval. Basketball backboards are permitted in an Owner's driveway (with written approval) and may be permanent or moveable, but basketball play must not become a nuisance. The Board reserves the right to have the Owner remove the backboard should repeated complaints be received from neighbors.

Upon ARB approval, homeowner must adhere to these following restrictions.

Safety & Liability:

  • During notice of impending storm with high winds, the portable basketball hoop must be secured in the garage or in a horizontal position along side of home.
  • Homeowner is responsible for any and all damages to property or person related to basketballs or hoop.

Hours of Use:

  • Use of backboard is limited to daytime hours.


  • No parking is allowed on grass, sidewalks or common areas of Sawgrass Players Club and Oakbridge other than streets and parking lots. Whenever cars are moved to the road, adequate space must be allowed for residents, visitors, postal delivery, emergency trucks, large delivery trucks, trash pickup trucks, or boats and trailers to get around without having to drive into/onto Sawgrass/Oakbridge property (e.g. cul-de-sacs). Overnight parking on the road is prohibited.

Please note: There is a full size basketball court available for all residents to use at the Players Club Park on Alta Mar Drive.

No overnight roadside parking is permitted. Temporary parking is permitted along roads in such a manner as not to block traffic, driveways or mailboxes.

Parking on a grassed area, including lawns, is strictly prohibited without prior approval from the Association for special occasions. No parking is allowed on sidewalks, islands or common areas of the Association (other than streets and parking lots).

Owners' vehicles not parked in the garage shall be parked in the driveway so as not to block the sidewalk or street.

An Owner may rent their property for an initial period of no less than six (6) months. The entire residence may be rented provided the occupancy is only by the tenant, his/her family and non-paying social guests. No rooms may be individually rented and the residence cannot be used for hotel (including Airbnb or VRBO type rentals) or transient purposes. Sub-leases are not allowed.

The six (6) month minimum rental period does not apply to situations directly associated with the sale of the residence or during the week of The PLAYERS Championship golf tournament.

All leases must be in writing and the Owners must provide a copy of the fully executed lease to the Association or Property Management Company within ten (10) days of its execution.

The Owner is responsible for providing copies of the Governing Documents, including (but not limited to) the Declaration of Covenants, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and Policies, when the lease is signed.

The lease shall include (and if does not, shall be deemed to include) the provisions that the tenant is subject to the provisions of the Governing Documents and that the Owner designates the Association as the Owner's agent for purposes of evicting any tenant upon reasonable notice of a major or repeated minor violations of the Governing Documents at Owner's expense, which shall be essential elements of the lease.

The Owner and tenant are responsible to pay to repair any damage to Common Areas resulting from acts or omissions of any tenant and they must pay any claim for injury or damage to property caused by the negligence of the tenant or his/her family or guests. The Association, acting as the Owner’s agent, may evict any tenant upon reasonable notice of a major or repeated violation of the Governing Documents at the Owner’s expense.

Failure to comply with the Leasing provisions defined in the Oakbridge Revived Second Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants may result in the Owner’s right to lease being suspended for up to twelve (12) months.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted a rule preempting restrictive covenants that impair the use of satellite dishes less than one meter in diameter. The Association and the ARB recognizes that satellite dishes that are 39 inches in diameter or less are allowed on private property within Oakbridge subject to reasonable limitations. The Association does not have the desire to unreasonably delay or unreasonably increase the cost of the use of satellite However, in the interest of safety and to preserve aesthetic qualities and values within the Association, the following guidelines for Satellite Dishes have been approved by the Board of Directors to be consistent with the FCC rule.

Please Note: These guidelines may not cover every situation. Even if installing the type of satellite dish which is approved, Owners are strongly encouraged to submit an application for installation showing the precise location of the installation to be reviewed by the ARB prior to installation. However, if installation is completed consistent with the below guidelines and prior application is not made, Owners must still submit an application to the ARB no later than 10 days after installation, clearly stating the size, height and location of the dish, and the manner of installation.

  • A dish larger than one meter in diameter or any other type of outdoor antenna or electronic equipment must be submitted for review and approval by the ARB prior to The ARB shall review such applications for safety, and to preserve aesthetic qualities and values within the Association.
  • Owners may install satellite dishes for the purpose of receiving audio and/or video programming and media reception. A dish that is one meter (39.37") or less in diameter will be approved.
  • No more than two dishes per Lot shall be allowed.
  • The satellite dish must be installed in the first preferred location where adequate signal can be received. The order of preference for the location of the dish is designed to minimize its visibility from the street and other homes. The order of preference is as follows:
    1. Rear of the house, mounted on the roof line, but not extending above the crown of the roof.
    2. Side of the house, mounted on the roof line, but not extending above the crown of the roof.
    3. Rear of the house on the ground, may be on a mast but installed at a height no greater than six (6') feet when measured from the ground at the location where installed to the top edge of the dish.
    4. Side of the house on the ground, may be on a mast but installed at a height no greater than six (6') feet when measured from the ground at the location where installed to the top edge of the dish.
  • Owners must comply with these preferences so long as the placement does not prevent reception of an acceptable quality signal or impose an unreasonable expense or delay. The Association is not aware of any factors which would make installation in the preferred location(s) more expensive or take longer or preclude reception of an acceptable quality signal.
  • Installation from the ground to a height more than six (6) feet will not be permitted to avoid damage from the dish falling. If the dish is installed on the ground, screening, such as shrubs, is required where possible.
  • Installation on the front of the house or the front yard (the area beginning from the front street edge and extending 15 feet back from the front elevation of the home) is not acceptable if it can be placed elsewhere and still receive an adequate signal.
  • Once installed, owners are responsible for maintaining and repairing their dishes and making sure they do not fall into disrepair or become safety hazards. Owners shall be responsible for repainting or replacement if the exterior surface of the dish deteriorates.
  • For your safety, keep dish away from power lines and ensure proper grounding.

No "For Rent", "For Sale" or other sign or banner of any kind shall be erected or displayed on any of the Property unless it is in the style approved by the Association and the ARB. No approved sign or banner may be posted anywhere within the Property that exceeds 18 inches by 24 inches in size.

Only one political candidate sign shall be permitted on any Lot, which signs shall be permitted only during the period of two (2) weeks prior to the applicable election. All such signs must be removed within two (2) days after each election.

Any Owner may only display up to two of the following portable, removable flags in a respectful manner: United States flag; the official flag of the State of Florida; a flag which represents the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force or Coast Guard; a POW/MIA flag or a first responder flag. (Florida Statute 720.304(2)(a)).

A first responder flag recognizes and honors the service of any of the following as defined in the Florida Statute, and may incorporate the design of any other permitted flag: law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics or emergency medical technicians, correctional officers, 911 public safety telecommunicators, nurses, persons participating in a statewide urban search and rescue program developed by the Division of Emergency Management, and federal law enforcement officers.

No flag shall be erected anywhere within the Property that exceeds 4 ½ feet by 6 feet in size.

Each Residential Dwelling Unit (RDU) or Residential Lot (RU) ("Lot") shall be used as and devoted exclusively to residential use by one (1) Family, and shall be occupied by the Owner of record, his/her family member(s) and guests, or his/her approved Lessee. No house or lot shall be divided or subdivided into smaller unit for sale, lease or individual occupancy.

No use of Lots which would require any occupational license shall be permitted without written approval of the Board of Directors (a "Home Office" consistent with St. Johns County Land Development Code is excluded — however generation of vehicular or foot traffic to support any "Home Office" enterprise, or the posting of any commercial signage or commercial decoration of any type is not permitted).

Storage of commercial product inventory or equipment of dangerous, explosive, or inflammable substances, in excess of normal household usage, is not allowed.

Motor homes, recreational vehicles, trucks, commercial vehicles of any type, buses, travel trailers, boats and boat trailers, and the like are restricted to travel within The Oakbridge Homeowner Association area for purposes of loading and unloading

Parking or storage of these vehicles must not be visible from the front of the property or from an adjacent property. The preferred location of parking or storage is within a closed garage. In addition, mechanical repairs to any vehicle shall be permitted only within a garage.

No temporary buildings; no tents, trailers, vans, shacks, tanks or accessory buildings or structures shall be erected or permitted to remain on any of the Property without prior written consent of the Association. Tents or other temporary structures for use during social events shall be removed no more than 48 hours after the event.

No visible fuel or gas storage tank may be affixed on any Lot. If possible, any large propane tank must be buried on the Lot, but only in conformance with local codes.

The ARB and the ACC will make every effort to maintain and improve the aesthetics of the community and conserve as many trees as possible by considering the overall effect that any tree removal will have on the property upon which it is located, as well as the surrounding properties.

  • A tree more than four inches (4”) in diameter, measured one foot from its base, must have the approval of the local ARB or the ACC before removal.
  • Special considerations will be given to removing:
    • Dead, damaged and diseased trees.
    • Trees that have been approved by a certified arborist (not a tree surgeon or landscaper) for removal due to disease, damage or substantial threat must be approved.
    • Trees located within twenty feet (20’) of the existing house, pool or pool structure.
    • Small trees growing beneath larger trees.
  • If the ARB determines in its sole discretion that any tree removal will not have an adverse impact upon areas located outside the jurisdiction of the property owner’s association, the applicable local property owners association shall be determinative.
  • The ARB may require the planting of a replacement tree if the property or neighborhood appears to require it for aesthetic reasons.
  • A tree that has been through application, consideration, and designation by St. Johns County as either an HISTORIC or SPECIMEN tree requires a St Johns County tree removal permit.

No weeds, underbrush or other unsightly growth shall be allowed to grow or remain upon any of an Owner's Property.

No refuse pile or unsightly object shall be allowed to be placed or allowed to remain anywhere on an Owner's Property.

In the event an Owner fails or refuses to keep their Property free of weeds, underbrush or refuse piles or other unsightly growths or objects, then the Association may enter the Property and remove it at the expense of the Owner.